Its 2018!!

Wow, where did the time go. The grand plans of blogging every month from August 2017 onwards didn’t quite work. They say a picture paints a thousand words so here is a summary of the last few months to catch up on things…


lots of exploring where to ride and run in Tucson, climbed the tallest mountain around at 8000 feet – Mt Lemmon!


getting to know about ‘real’ football, half ironman in Arizona and Halloween!



travelled back to Australia for a one week class for my masters degree at James Cook University in Townsville, surprised that both my Mum and Dad (who has never flown in his life!) came to stay with me there! 36 hours after arriving back in the US I then did my 10th ironman at Ironman Arizona with my husband. Not the best time (10:44) but motivation is back to do this race justice in 2018! Finished off the month with an RV trip with Kev, his Mum and Step-Dad to the Grand Canyon and Sedona, super impressed with their ability to rock climb with us over many mountains!



road trip across country to visit Kev’s family in New Jersey and New York State, learning how to ski in -16degree (celsius) weather and Christmas!


And Finally! We have pretty much finished setting up our home in Tucson, Arizona. Our furchild Sydney is pretty proud of her pad and wanted to model each individual room for you. Enjoy.


hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Years! Will try and do better at this blogging in 2018. Time to eat some fluff 🙂